Devin Price Training 2014

Medic Devin Price of San Diego and three of his colleagues trained 50 CDS First Responders this last Week. Monday and Tuesday was all about ABC’s, CPR and the use of the AED. Wednesday and Thursday focused on trauma; mechanism of injury, definition and recognition of shock and priority vital signs. The remainder of the class is rotating through the c-spine station, extrication and patient packaging/movement through Friday.

Devin was able to obtain donations from the following agencies:

1. The NATIONAL CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT donated 9 “Cardiac Science” AED’s which have a value of about $10,000.

2. American Medical Response (AMR) was kind enough to donate approximately 60 pair of uniform pants in various sizes, the majority of which have never been worn and still had their tags on them.

Devin’s EMS instructors included Cal Cronin, a paramedic from San Diego and also works as an ocean lifeguard in San Diego.

Colton Poore, a paramedic student at Southwestern College in San Diego and is about a month away from finishing up his training.

Corey Leal, a paramedic at AMR and this is his first trip out of the USA.
Comandos de Salvamento Governing Board members Efraim Solis and Roberto Cruz are always content with the level of professionalism and spirit of Solidarity that Devin has been offering Comandos for over 14 years.