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1st National Extrication Workshop in El Salvador


Salvamed would like to thank PXTEAM members Jeff Pugh, Charlie Kemp, Anthony John, Andrew Krasner, Agustin, and Ryan Taylor for making todays class a great success. The course included students from the Green Cross, Bomberos Nacionales, Comandos de Salvamento, and the National Civilian Police branch of the UMO, Unidad de Mantenimiento de Orden.  Knowledge acquired focused on scene size up, stabilization, and how to safely use hydraulic and manual tools. All teams represented today are included on the recently developed National USAR team.This workshop would not have been made possible without the combined forces of Salvamed, PXTEAM, Glasswing International along with Hi-Lift vice president Steve Dowden who donated a First Responder Jack last year and contributed another for this class. Salvamed has now paved the way for future possible business agreement and sponsorship of El Salvador rescue groups from HURST, RINGERS, AJAX, and HI-LIFTamong others.



PXTeam Training in El Salvador Secured!


We have finally mediated and secured 6 members of the Puyallup Extrication Team to go to El Salvador the first week of December to offer their 200 level of basic extrication! Joint efforts are being coordinated by in country support Glasswing International but we are in desperate need of some Hi-lift First Responder Jacks and other funding for the 2 day course that will teach over 60 Comandos and members of the National Civilian Police, Bomberos Nacionales, Green Cross, and the Red Cross. We only have 2 months left so we are trying to crowdfund through indieagogo. Please donate.